Wednesday, June 8, 2022

2022 Metaverse fest: OpenSim Fest 2022 #OSFest2022: People, events, exhibits, art, merchandise. You don't have to wait for the metaverse-- it is here.

Metaverse Fest:  7/8-25, 2022 
OpenSim Fest 2022:  #OSFest2022
People, events, exhibits, art, merchandise.  
You don't have to wait for the metaverse-- it is here.
Lots of metaverse people at  #OSFest  2022.  Nobody is in the future metaverse.  Come to the now metaverse,


  • If you will  be networking​, go with your regular avatar
  • From other hypergrid places:
  • Put the above line in the world map Find bar, click Find
  • To create an account and avatar at the fest grid, go here.

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OpenSim Fest 2022 is a free virtual community celebration - unaffiliated with any particular virtual world grid's community of users. It only exists for a short time, with all content destroyed then created anew again each year. OpenSim Fest 2022 is an all volunteer, seventeen day community effort with a limited number of free virtual land parcels for exhibitors and merchants.

The online venue for OpenSim Fest 2022 is hosted by Infinite Metaverse Alliance® (IMA) and sponsored by Laxton Consulting, LLC which is part owner of IMA. IMA is a for-profit company that provides research, development, and philanthropy for virtual world technology communities. Laxton Consulting, LLC is a for-profit company specializing in modeling, simulation, analysis, and education.

The event duration of 12 hours per day for 17 days (total 204 hours) will include 90 hours of live performances. The online venues encompass over four square kilometers of virtual land full of creative community exhibits and merchant stores, as well as donated and sponsored content.  

OpenSim Fest 2020, had 600 attendees from all around the Hypergrid and 2021 was missed. This year, on a first-come first-serve basis, 60 exhibit parcels and 30 merchant parcels will be made available free to the Hypergrid community. This is an increase from 40 and 20 at the last OpenSim Fest. Duration was increased from 2 days to 17 days so attendance is expected to be higher.

OpenSim Fest 2022 involves a team volunteering around 1000 hours of greeters and moderators as well as hosts/hostesses and performers for live events.  An additional estimated 1000 hours are being donated by volunteer organizers and the IMA admin team. 

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