Wednesday, June 2, 2010

2013 EDU: Build your own museum. You can do that in Second Life

Build your own museum. 
You can do that in Second Life
- The Tech Virtual Museum Workshop: "The Tech Virtual is revolutionizing the way exhibition content is created and tested. Learning centers, museums, and cultural institutions around the world can access open source exhibit concepts, designs, and educational materials.
This project is creating an “open source” collection of science and innovation-based design concepts that can be used by institutions all over the world.  Through The Tech Virtual, designers and educators from a diverse, international, professional community can share input and resources."
Video description.
Creative collaboration
Do I need to define that? Do I need to explain it?  Not to the inworlders of Second Life.  That is why we are here.  But maybe for people who are accustomed to the "lean-back" experience of TV.  
Virtual reality is a "lean-forward" experience.  The links here will not take you to museum-like places where a trained narrator walks you through the scene and tells you what you are supposed to know.  These links invite you to think about how to present things your way.  To tell the story you want to tell.
Immersive education.  Participatory learning.   What will this mean to the educational system? I think educators are living in interesting times.  Whether they know it or not.


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