Wednesday, June 1, 2022

2022 Metaverse homes: New Victorian Linden Home Neighborhood. Second Life Homes: Where to Buy, Rent, Decorate, Sell Your SL Home.

Metaverse homes:  
New Victorian Linden Home Neighborhood. 
Second Life Homes: 
Where to Buy, Rent, Decorate, Sell Your SL Home
Homes in the metaverse.  How to get them.  What you can do with them.

More videos on the topic


What do you do with a metaverse home? 


  • It is like a doll house but more adjustable.
  • You can practice interior decorating.
  • You can practice landscaping
  • You can document your work in pictures and videos.
  • OpenSimulator places may not have age requirements.


  • Couples can plan their home of the future.
  • Even if they are far apart.
  • Home design, interior decorating, landscaping.


  • Families can work together on the design no matter where they live.
  • The design can show an architect or realtor what the family wants.
  • All documented in pictures and videos


  • Realtors can display their inventory online.
  • Not just pictures, but walk-through models.
  • They can even let customers decorate the interior of model homes.

Architects Interior decorators and  landscapers

  • These can show clients models of their previous work.
  • Or models that may fir the clients' requests.
  • Or a model of a proposed plan,

Landlords in virtual

  • Create a neighborhood and rent the homes

Content creators

  • Package the home and sell it on the marketplace
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Easy access meetings in the metaverse



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