Friday, February 5, 2021

2020 BIZ: #VWEDU: Conferences, conventions, trade shows. Big meetings of any kind. You can do them online. No travel, no risk, no hanky-panky.

Conferences, conventions, trade shows. 
Big meetings of any kind.  
You can do them online. 
No travel, no hotel, no risk, no hanky-panky. 
Consideration of how big meetings can be held online.

    What generally happens in these events? 

    • Big auditorium presentations 
    • Small localized displays, exhibit booths, poster presentations
    • Small meetings or workshops with selected persons conferring or working together: Breakout rooms 
    • Opportunities to interact with the media
    • Networking 
    • Hanky-panky




    • Conference–A meeting for consultation, education, exchange of information, or discussion with a formal agenda. 
    • Convention–A formal meeting of members, representatives, or delegates. Examples include a fraternal society or political party.
    • Trade show--A gathering to exhibit new products.

    Features needed

    Big auditoriums

    Localised events

    • Virtual worlds can provide any desired number of meeting rooms.
    • The rooms can be equipped with projectors for slides of videos (at no extra cost).
    • Participants can teleport from one place to another in less than 20 seconds.

    Opportunities to interact with the media

    • The media already works extensively with digital systems.
    • An  online interview is captured directly from the screen, no camera needed.
    • The surrounding scene for the interview can be adjusted to fit the subject.  

    Networking support at online events


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