Friday, February 12, 2021

2021 Kitely offers ALWAYS ON worlds with dedicated servers. No waiting to load. Megaregions: about 1.3 miles on a side, area equal to 64 traditional sims.

Kitely offers ALWAYS ON worlds with dedicated servers.  
No waiting to load.   
Megaregions: about 1.3 miles on a side, 
area equal to 64 traditional sims.
New type of Kitely world: a Dedicated Server world. These worlds are always-on, can be up to 64 regions in size, and support up to 180,000 objects. Cost: $150 per month.
80 Bots in Kitely Welcome Center
  • Always-On Dedicated Servers
  • "8x8": means that each side is the length of 8 traditional sims
  • 256 meters times 8=2048 meters, 1.3 miles
  • Instant TP into this always-on world--no waiting to load.
  • And no sim boundaries to cross.

Now Kitely can have continents

Other Kitely services

Make 'always-on' visible

  • Wellspring shows its always-on status this way:
  • "Wellspring is a 64-region always-on Mega World"
  • In the Wellspring Explore Kitely section.  
  • Thus to find always-on places you can search for that term in Explore Kitely.
  • Perhaps Kitely will provide an indicator for always-on places in the future.

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  • I will be in both places, so you may need to speak to get my attention.
  • Web-worlds, 3D virtual worlds running in a browser. Summary
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  • Due to medical issues, I cannot promise to be there.  But I will try.


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