Tuesday, August 18, 2020

2020 WW 3DWebWorldz: People working together. Students learning to work together. If you want people to learn, you have to give them practice.

3DWebWorldz:  People working together. 
Students learning to work together. 
People learn from practice. 
Telling is not teaching.

Effective learning requires bringing people people together.  You can do that on the internet,  We have been working together for years in installed virtual worlds.  More recently, we have been meeting in a browser.    We can't share germs or throw paint on each other.  But we can talk and share web content.   

People can work together on the web?

Orientation 2
  • In a digital world, you get to write your own profile.

Orientation 2

Appearance is social

Your public identity

  • Nobody wants to look like everybody else.
  • People want avatars that people can recognize.
Choose an avatar

People want to be recognizable 
  • .That means distinct clothing and hair

Finding people, going places

Radar, profile
  • Radar shows you who is in 3DWebWorldz and where they are.
  • Use it to find friends and visit them.
  • Yeah, you visit them by teleport.  Faster than driving.
  • The natives here will often use cyberspeak.


  • Cyberspeak is similar to English, but with many new terms.  
  • Acronyms a usually shown in all capital letters and have English equivalents.
  • Many other terms have no English counterparts.
  • Because they only have meaning in the digital worlds.
  • Teleport: travel from one place to another almost instantly.  
  • Great when you have to go to meetings.  
  • IM, Instant Message:  Send a text message to someone you know.

Visit me on the web

  • Drop by my web offices Weekdays: 12:-12:30 pm Central time (US)
  • I am available for free consulting on any topic in this blog.
  • Cybalounge and 3DWebWorldz (Orientation room)
  • I will be in both places, so you may need to speak to get my attention.
  • Web-worlds, 3D virtual worlds running in a browser. Summary
  • And we can visit the Writer's Workshop on the Web
  • Don't register -- enter as guest.  


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