Tuesday, April 7, 2020

2020 #VWEDU: BIZ: Text-friendly addresses for Hypergrid. Landmarks work fine, but not in blogs or class assignments in text. SceneGate has a solution

Text-friendly addresses for Hypergrid.   
Landmarks work fine, but not in blogs 
or class assignments in text.. 
SceneGate has a solution.

To give Hypergrid destinations in text, we need text-friendly addresses.  SceneGate  can provide those.  They may only work in SceneGate, but in an instructional context all the students could be using SceneGate.
Get a text-friendly 
Hypergrid address

The problem

  • For bloggers and teachers.
  • Hypergrid region addresses work, but they don't carry location coordinates.
  • A Firestorm Hop carries location coordinates, but you can't easily get a correct Hop except in your home grid. 
  • Landmarks work well, but you can't give them in text.
  • Is there a source for text-friendly Hypergrid addresses? 
  • SceneGate has a solution. Try this:
  • x-grid-info://grid.metaversedepot.com:8002/region/Selby's Place/130/131/21

Text-friendly addresses in SceneGate.

To get a textable HG address with location coordinates

  • Go to the location.
  • Click on the viewer address bar near the top of the viewer window. 
  • Copy the text that appears.
  • Paste it into your document
  • Best put it on its own line to make it easy to copy, and set it bold for visibility.
  • You may want to add the instructions for the user below.

To use a textable HG address in SceneGate

  • In SceneGate:
  • Copy/paste the address into the address bar near the top of the viewer window.
  • Press return



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