Tuesday, April 21, 2020

2020 PROMO: Use your Kitely web page to promote your place.

Use your KItely web page to promote your place 

Suggestions on how to get promotional benefits from the web page that comes along with having a Kitely "world."  
 Promotional Image
  • From the Kitely web page of Carabou's "world."

  • Description
  • Image
  • Go there
  • Repost buttons



Promotional description

Click image to enlarge
  • If you want to attract visitors, you have marketing text in the description area.
  • Suggestions for content:  Promotion from Virtual Worlds. Summary
  • Note that you can include web links in the description.
  • If you are selling on Kitely Market, link to your store there.
  • If you are promoting your school, link to your school's web site.
  • If you are promoting your book, link to your marketing page.
  • If you are a blogger, link to your blog's entry page
  • Click the Manage button to edit the description.

How people find it

  • Public pages are listed on the Kitely site: Explore Kitely
  • Find button (upper right) searches the description: Sandboxes
  • Promote your interests by including keywords in your description.
  • You may want to create a hashtag ID.
  • That is a # followed by a unique set of characters.
  • You put the hashtag ID in the description.
  • And wherever else you want your postings to be found.

Examples of keyword searches in Explore Kitely

Go there info

  • People who reach the page and are logged into Kitely can click "Enter World." 
  • To bring people from the Hypergrid, use the HG address in the right-hand column.

Repost buttons

  • Bottom right
  • You would want to get visitors to repost.
  • To promote elsewhere, they can use the web link
  • The good part:  Elsewhere includes people who know not OpenSim.
  • The posts may tell them about it,


  • This button is now changed to a Facebook share button.
  • Visitors can promote the place on FB.
  • That works best if they can repost in groups they are in.


  • Posts on Twitter, on your timeline.   
  • It is probably only seen by people following you--if they look near the time of posting.  
  • Twitter postings may work best for events, when posted near the time of the event.
  • You can embed your Twitter stream on a web page: See example
  • The embedded stream is always current.  

In Share

  • Posts on LinkedIn
  • To post effectively, you should give it relevant hashtags.  
  • Those probably work best if they relate to some profession.  
  • The relevant professionals may see a hashtag of interest and click through.
  • LinkedIn is used by professionals, such as educators.
  • A post here is probably wasted unless the description interests some professionals.

Google search finds it

  • To find it easily, differentiate with Kitely or other modifier:
  • Google search for kitely caribou
  • Or use your hashtag ID if you have one.
  • Example: Here is one I created:  #VWEDU
  • I use this on my blog articles about education in virtual worlds.

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