Tuesday, April 28, 2020

2020 #VWEDU: BIZ: A workgroup at work in a digital place. We travel the web. Less travel time, more work time. What workgroup work is not talk?

A workgroup at work in a digital place.  
We travel the web.  
Less travel time, more work time.  
What workgroup work is not talk?

Businesses have workgroups.   Educators have project-based learning (a way of training for working in groups). Both can use a more efficient way to bring people together in a working group. Here is how to do it with no building, no travel, nothing but people working together.

The CybaLOUNGE workgroup

  • We meet like this every two weeks.
  • Dieter is the developer of CybaLOUNGE.
  • The others are interested in using it or reporting on it.
  • Dieter tells about new developments and upcoming improvements.
  • This video shows how a digital place can support a work group meeting.
  • We were in Arizona, Texas, and Germany.  
  • It took us less than 30 seconds to get together.
  • We went nowhere that COVID-19 could go.  
  • The place costs about the same as a web page.
  • Compare that with the non-productive costs of conventional work groups.  
  • Go there. Check it out: Cybalounge 
  • Don't register.  Come in as a guest.  

A work group at work in a digital place. (Part 2)

Project-based learning

Activities in CybaLOUNGE

Visit me on the web

  • Drop by my web offices Weekdays: 12:-12:30 pm Central time (US)
  • I am available for free consulting on any topic in this blog.
  • Cybalounge and 3DWebWorldz (Orientation room)
  • I will be in both places, so you may need to speak to get my attention.
  • Web-worlds, 3D virtual worlds running in a browser. Summary
  • And we can visit the Writer's Workshop on the Web
  • Don't register -- enter as guest.  


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