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2020 Music: #VWEDU: How to attend a live performance in 3DWebWorldz. Student performance or professional. Music, theater, commentary

How to attend a live performance in 3DWebWorldz.   
Student performance or professional.  
Music, theater, commentary

How a person can use a browser to attend live presentations in a digital place on the web.  And how schools can leverage that capability to enhance their educational offerings.


Educational use cases

  • Student concerts: The whole family can attend from anywhere.
  • Student theater: The resulting video goes into student portfolios.
  • Student reports and commentary: Results from project-based learning.
  • Professional lectures: Part of the school's educational program.
  • Instructional videos: To be followed by class discussion and assignments.
  • Note that any of these can have family presence and participation.


  • How do you do it? 
  • What does it cost? 
  • What does the 3D location add?
  • How many people can attend?
  • Answers after the break

How do you do it? 

The 3D place

Live streaming

What does it cost?

What does the 3D location add?

  • If you live-stream to individuals, they watch as individuals.
  • If you live-stream to groups,  they watch as groups.
  • The group may be an extended family (from all over the globe).
  • Or it may be a discussion section in a class. 
  • They can chat in text during the show.
  • They can chat in voice before and after the show.
  • That kind of interaction develops a sense of shared presence.
  • That discussion section can produce a set of shared notes.
  • And they can benefit from those notes in the subsequent discussion.

How many people can attend?

  • Can a class of a hundred attend?
  • There is no such thing as a class of a hundred.
  • With that number you have an audience,
  • If all you want them to do is listen, make a video and put it on YouTube.
  • Millions can watch that if they want to.
  • Educators will want students to discuss and evaluate what they heard.
  • To get that to happen, you spread that audience over 10 3D places.
  • And put about ten people in each room.  

Use the advantages of a live presentation

  • A presentation does not have to be merely a one-way delivery.
  • The discussion  groups can generate questions and comments for the presenter.  
  • Then the presenter can respond.  
  • That makes the presentation a two-way conversation.

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