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2014 PROMO: BOP: Browser on prim, advanced. Videos, Calendars.

BOP: Browser on prim. 
Videos. Calendars 
In earlier days, when we were wishing for it, people called it web-on-prim.  I call it BOP.  That makes for an easy search in my inventory.
Blog Posters
What do you do with BOP

Bop lets you turn a prim into a live web browser in Opensim or Second Life.  People using a BOP-enabled viewer ( Firestorm, Second Life viewer,  etc) can see the web page when they stand near.  The web page can show videos, play music, take you to other pages, and do most of the things that you expect to do with a browser.  If the source page is updated, the BOP is also updated the next time it is read.
  • How to - Quickie
  • Self-resetting Browser-on-Prim script
  • Show your blog
  • Show videos
  • Show event calendars
  • Wearable BOPS for event calendars
  • Playlist on YouTube
Make a prim browser
Quick Trick (in Viewer 3.2, maybe Firestorm)
  • Open your browser to the web page
  • Make a cube
  • Left click and hold down on the web page address bar
  • Drag the cursor onto the prim face and release the left key
  • Wait a bit -- the web page will appear on the face where you dropped it 
  • Adjust the shape of the prim to suit you
  • Adjust the texture repeats (V and H) to 1
  • Make Full Bright and Phantom if you want
  • Use an existing, pre-sized prim, if you prefer
  • You can drop another url on the prim to replace the one showing.
Some people don't see these web pages on prims.
You have to be using a BOP-enabled viewer.  The best known of these are Viewer 3 and Firestorm.  People with these viewers may need to click on the face of the prim to see the contents.
Caution.  You can drop a web page on any prim you own.  When you do this on a prim you have out for other reasons, you will want to remove the media.  Do this: Right click on the object -- Edit -- Texture -- Bottom of texture window-- In media control area, click on the trash can.
More complete instructions, more options
Preferences--Texture window
Notes for Bop
  • Make a screen to suit you
  • You may want to make it phantom
  • Edit it as above
Bop window--General
Suggested settings above
Bop Window--Customize
  • Determine who can control the BOP: owner, group, or anyone.  
  • People may need interactivity to see videos
  • People do not need the control bar to see videos
  • If you set it to group, you probably need to deed the screen to the group
Poster displays
For a poster display, you will want a way to restore your url when people take the browser to another page.  I use scripted posters to do that.  If you want one, just send a notecard  to Thinkerer Melville.  Or copy the script below.
Self-resetting Browser-on-Prim script

//Enter the Url(s) for the page(s) you want to dispaly.  

// creative commons license, attribution only

float wait = 900; //Number of seconds before refresh to script settings




{  llSetTimerEvent(wait);}


    { string  URL2="";    

//Enter the urls between the  quotes      

//The web page may not appear for 15 minutes or more -- 

// the change happens after the timer times out     

       llSetPrimMediaParams(1,                             // Side to display the media on (Lesser Y)

          [PRIM_MEDIA_AUTO_PLAY,TRUE,                     // Show this page immediately

             PRIM_MEDIA_CURRENT_URL, URL2  ]); 


         llSetPrimMediaParams(3,                             // Side to display the media on (Greater Y)

            [PRIM_MEDIA_AUTO_PLAY,TRUE,                     // Show this page immediately

             PRIM_MEDIA_CURRENT_URL, URL2    ]);  



  • The script sets the BOP to the specified url every 15 minutes.  
  • Replace the url ( with the url you want.
  • The browser will show on both sides. 
  • To show the browser on only one side, cancel one set of display lines.
  • Cancel by deleting or by putting // in front of each of the 3 lines,
Show your blog
Set the BOP to the main address of your blog.  It will always display the current top post

Show Calendars: Portable BOPS 
You can make a prim browser wearable.  Then the owner can wear it anywhere and look at it anywhere.  Here is how:
Embed videos/calendars in your blog
  • If a video has permission to embed it, there will be an offer of the embed code.  
  • It may be under an option such as Share
  • You need to copy the code and 
  • Paste it into the html code on your web page
  • That job is the same as with calendars:
  • Combine/embed Google calendars in your blog

Show videos: How to show the screen
YouTube screen
LiveStream screen
  • To make a screen poster (poster that shows mainly the screen) 
  • Make a large prim and put the web page on it
  • Edit the prim to the shape of the screen
  • (Ctrl-Shift puts colored boxes on the edges. Drag them to drag the edges.)
  • Adjust Texture Offset for the placement you want
  • Adjust Repeats per Face to a fraction that makes the screen fit the prim
  • Use small changes in the last 2 digits for fine adjustments
  • Best have the screen near the top of the page
Playlist on YouTube

Click the Play All button 
(upper left)
  • If some videos will not play for you
  • Install the Chrome browser, play the video in Chrome one time
  • Some videos require a player that Internet Explorer does not use
  • Chrome will install the needed player
  • OR 
  • Install the standalone version of Flash Player
  • Download Flash Player 
Video-Machinima in virtual worlds

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