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2018 TKR: Inspiration from a wheelchair: Jamie Jordan

Inspiration from a wheelchair: 
Jamie Jordan

Jamie Jordan has lived with cerebral palsy all his life.  He tells about dealing with this issue in his videos and in his book.

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Be happy

Have a goal

  • Inspiration  
  • We all need it, no matter who we are or where we come from. 
  • Without it, life can get heavy quick
  • Dreams 
  • Persistence 
  • In anything you do,there will be bumps in the road.  
  • You have to fight through them. 
  • Nothing that's worth doing ever comes easy.


Jamie's Bio

JAMIE JORDAN, a native of Amarillo, Texas, has spent his entire life in a wheelchair due to cerebral palsy.  His ambition is to connect with a broader audience to demonstrate the life of a person in a wheelchair – as a way to bridge the gap between people with different circumstances. He does so through motivational speaking with a flair for situational comedy 

Despite Jamie’s unique challenges, he graduated from West Texas A&M University in 2006 with a Mass Communications degree. It was during this time he began working as a DJ and stand-up comedian.   

In 2005, he launched the podcast, “Gaming Uncensored” with co-host Tommy, which gained a loyal fan base across three continents and many countries and still continues its outreach 

In 2014 Jamie started an inspirational blog to share his story with others.   Join Jamie for inspiration and perhaps a laugh or two … or three at A life on wheels 
Jamie Jordan is available to do motivational speaking at your school, organization, and events.  “Inspiration is everywhere, sometimes all it takes is looking at something from a different angle or maybe walking in someone else’s shoes just for a minute. Well…you couldn’t really walk in my shoes since I can’t walk and have been in a wheelchair all my life, but maybe today that is just the perspective you need to see. WE ALL GOT ISSUES and you can rise above any challenge put in front of you.”  Schedule Jamie today for an impactful presentation.  

AUDIO ENGINEER Jamie owns and operates Riding A Wheelie Productions (RaW) and RaW Editing, an audio editing and mastering company that specializes in audio books, video reels, marketing spots, and more. Contact Jamie today for a quote on your latest project.   WRITER Jamie recently released a witty and informative book about a life on wheels, entitled " A Seated Perspective." Illustrated by creative partner Evie Marie ( and now available on Amazon.  

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