Tuesday, July 17, 2018

2018 TIPS: ART: Virtual world assets can vanish if they are not rezzed out

Virtual world assets can vanish
if they are not rezzed out

Something there is that occasionally loses textures or other assets from virtual world inventories. That may not matter in most cases, but can be a significant loss in the case of art or historical importance. Here I put together what I could find out about the loss and how to protect from it.
  • No, I don't have any documented evidence.  Just experience.
  • My experience and reports from other people.
  • Sound files vanished from my inventory in SL.
  • Ada Radius had some textures in her Arcadia inventory vanish.  
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The rest of the story

  • Ilan Tochner said that he and Oren found the bug a few years ago.
  • They fixed it for Kitely, so assets should not be lost there.
  • Assets in rezzed boxes are apparently safe.
  • As are backup assets stored in your own computer or your cloud storage.
  • They should also be safe if they are in an OAR file in your possession.

How do I handle the risk?

  • Assets that you have bought are probably the main concern.
  • You don't have copies of these on your own computer.  
  • If they are copy/transfer, you should be able to save them in an OAR file.
  • If they are exportable on the Kitely market, you can save them
  • Then you have copies on your own computer.
  • You can similarly save any items you have that are copy/transfer.


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