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2015 HELP: Make an off-sim scene: Demo. You only need basic building

Make an off-sim scene: Demo. 
You only need basic building.
You have seen those off-sim scenes.  You may have even bought one to put off-shore of your property.  If you have a scene that you made or have mod rights to, you can put it just off-shore of your sim.  Here is how. 

The Frigate Argos

The ship is off the sim  

The secret is in the white box

  • The edge of the land marks the edge of the sim.
  • But the object includes the white box beside me.
  • Normally, I would make the white box transparent.  
  • Details below the break. 

How to build the scene above

Visit Cookie II to get a free copy of the Argos

The masts mark the Argos
  • View from the landing point at Cookie II
  • If you arrive from the HyperGrid, you will probable arrive here
  • HG address: grid.kitely.com:8002:Cookie II
  • Put the HG address in the search bar of your world map, find and TP
  • Look west north west for the Argos
The Frigate Argos
  • If you are in Kitely, use the Firestorm hop directly to the Argos
  • hop://grid.kitely.com:8002/Cookie II/40/177/24
  • Paste the hop into the navigation bar of Firestorm, enter.  
  • The Argos should be free to take copy
  • It is the work of Arcadia Asylum (under one of her names)
  • Use it any way you want, but do not sell it.
Positioning Argos and the root prim
  • Rez the Argos near where you want to place it.  
  • If there is no water there, lower the land temporarily.  
  • Put the Argos in the water and it to a position that suits you.
  • Create a box on the ground nearby (white box above).
  • Link the Argos to the box.  Make the box the root prim.
  • Give the new object a name you will recognize and take it.
  • Restore the land if you need to.  
  • Rez the new object next to the sim edge where you want it.
  • Edit the object to move the Argos off-sim and where you want it
  • If the root prim has not gone under ground, make it transparent.
Hobo Utility Box
  • Firestorm hop: hop://grid.kitely.com:8002/Cookie II/122/355/22
  • Click the utility box to get a copy of the off-sim Argos.
  • Some utility scripts will come with it.


  • Build or get the off-sim scene as a single object.
  • Make the root prim.  It can be just a box.
  • Link the scene to the root prim.
  • Make the combined object phantom.
  • Edit the object to place the scene off-sim and where you want it.
  • Edit the root prim to make it transparent.
Thanks to Miney's Musings for describing this method.



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