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2015 HYPERGRID: Opensimworld. Destination guide for the Hypergrid. BeatThis list

Opensimworld.  Destination guide for the Hypergrid. 
HG BeatThis List
Updated 6/9/2015
Search the HG for the places you are interested in seeing.   Find those that are currently most popular. See whether a region is currently online.  TP to the region of your choice, whether you are on that grid or not. Just the services you need to use the hypergrid. And just what you need to promote traffic to your place.
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Who cares about this?

  • Newcomers to HG who want to find places of interest.
  • Store owners who want traffic to their stores.
  • Venue managers who want audience at their events.
  • Anyone who wants to bring Hypergrid traffic to their region.
  • Anyone who wants the Hypergrid to attract more people.
  • Bloggers who want to give easy directions to the places they write about.
  • (Support your local blogger.)
  • Firestorm viewer: The main target viewer because it is the main HG viewer

Find places that fit your interests

  • Type one of your interests in the search bar.
  • Look through the results for places with people on them.
  • Enter comments if you like or want to talk to the people who use the place
  • Freebie search
  • Sandbox search 
  • Categories may not be as comprehensive as search
  • Sandbox search gave places that were not listed under sandbox category

Find places with people in them

  • Click the Popular Regions button 
  • Popular seems to mean "Currently popular."
  • With highest count at top right
Teleporter at OSW 
shows sims with people
  • To check this teleporter, go to OSW 
  • OSW:  hop://
  • Copy the hop into the Nav (top) bar of Firestorm, enter

Get details and go

  • Click on the name to open a detail page for that location.
  • The status panel on the detail page gives
  • time since the last update,
  • Hypergrid address
  • Four link buttons
Status panel on detail page
  • Don't click a link button until you are logged on to a grid.
  • A link button will start your viewer if needed, 
  • but it may open a grid that you can't log into.
  • To use a hypergrid address, copy-paste it into the the world map
  • Third search bar, next to the find button
  • Click find, click teleport if the place is found.
  • Take a landmark when you get to a place you like.
  • Firestorm: World--Landmark this place.
  • Landmarks seem to work over HG and can get you to the coordinates.
  • The link buttons are easier if they work for you.
  • How the buttons will work for you depends on the viewer you are using.
  • Try them and see what happens.
  • If you are on the same grid as your destination, try Same Grid.
  • If you are using Firestorm, try Hop or HG.

If you like the place, say so

  • Click some those share buttons on the left side 
  • G+ (Google+) and F (Facebook), for example.
  • Leave a comment in the OSW comment section

Promote your place in OSW

  • OSW is only going to show places that really want traffic.  
  • Because places that really want traffic will register 
  • OSW delivers traffic to the beacon point. One beacon per region.
  • You put info, notegivers and walkin TPs there.
  • OSW shows your pictures in slideshow.  
  • OSW shows your blurb and a link to your place .
  • OSW could become the go-to place to find places on HG.
  • Promote your OSW page: on social media, blogs.
  • Promote your blog and G+ community page on your OSW page
  • Your OSW page is found in Google search.  Use it as your web presence.
  • SEO:  Your OSW page should mention all search-worthy things on your sim
Cookie II entry point
with walkin TPs

Set up an entry point

  • Use notegivers and walkin TPs at the entry point.
  • Scripts for notegivers and walkin TPs at here:  
  • Firestorm hop: go to Kitely, paste this in the firestorm Nav bar:
  • hop:// II/125/356/22
  • (utility scripts in the Thinkerer box) 

Other services by OSW

  • Hud: browse active regions, find registered regions with visitors now. 
  • Mail: may give better service than IM in HG.  We'll see. 
  • Discussions about places: Allows replies.     
  • Events:  Seems TBD.   Much needed for HG.  I will watch and report.

How you can use OSW to promote HG

How to promote multiple destinations (parcels) in a single region

  • List each destination in your OSW page, with its own blurb.
  • Include a textable Firestorm hop in the blurb.
  • Put walkin TPs at the region entry point.

What other search do we need to promote HG development?

  • Searchable listing for events (may be coming in OSW).
  • Searchable listing for parcels (could come from OSW).
  • Searchable listing for people (maybe we can use G+ profiles) 

Current BeatThis list


HG BeatThis list (2/16/2015)
  • HG market.  Buyers want lots of choices.  As in
  • Kitely market

News and Notes



Lauren's Place


Newcomer Help in Virtual Worlds



How to handle a Hypergrid address 

From any Hypergrid-enabled grid, paste the address into the navigation bar of Firestorm and press enter. Or paste it into the world map search bar of any viewer, search, and click Teleport when the destination is found. If it doesn't work, don't give up. Try again in a minutes.  Sometimes the first try fails (probably times out).  And try again a few hours later. Some hypergrid destinations are offline part of the day. 


Video-Machinima in virtual worlds

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