Wednesday, March 18, 2015

2015 HELP: HOBBY: Blender Tutorial Making a Racing Track for a Car Game (design from Scalectrix Track Designer)

Blender Tutorial Making a Racing Track for a Car Game 
(design from Scalectrix Track Designer)
This tutorial shows how to make a race track for a car racing game but the techniques could be used to model tracks and roads for any purpose.

By ianscott888 
The track design is taken from a free track designer program that can be downloaded from the Scalextric website (
A Bezier curve is shaped to produce the track outline. A track cross section is then modelled. The track cross section is wrapped around the outline using a combination of an array modifier and a curve modifier.
This makes a good model quickly and easily but with a high polygon count (many faces). Increasing the length of cross section reduces the number of duplicates in the array but reduces the smoothness of the bends. In the straights there is no need for duplicates so they are removed.
The track image file and the finished Blender file can be downloaded from my website:


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