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2014 OPENSIM: HELP: Why Kitely for blogs and video production? Kitely vs Inworldz vs Second Life

Why Kitely for blogs and video production?   
Kitely vs Inworldz vs Second Life
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Some people have asked me why I have moved some of my activities to Kitely rather than to Inworlds.  Here is my explanation:

1.  I needed to move my video production activities out of Second Life because of the new terms of service there.  

2. I wanted to expand my activities and blog coverage into the Opensim world because Second Life's: 
  • current TOS, 
  • persistent failure to grow, and 
  • repeated turn-over in upper management 
raised my concern about the future of Second Life and suggested that the future of virtual worlds might lie with Opensim.    Second Life 2.0 raises further concern, but had not been announced at the time I was considering an alternative.  

These considerations led me to a set of selection criteria for a second grid that would suit these objectives.   That does not mean that I have stopped using Second Life.  Only that I am using Second Life less and have a plan B in case Second Life changes further in directions that do not fit my objectives.

Selection criteria: grid for video production and blog reports

  1. TOS that clearly does not claim a license to sell videos made there.
  2. Ability to backup sims to my hard drive and reinstall them as needed
  3. Access to Hypergrid (so I could report on places in the Hypergrid).
  4. Market selling things for video production.
  5. Script compatibility with Second Life and the Hypergrid.
  6. Software compatibility with Opensim.  
  7. Credible business model
  8. Cost for land

Evaluation of 3 grids on these criteria

Deal breakers marked in red

TOS that clearly does not claim a license to sell videos made there.

  • Kitely   Pass   
  • Inworldz Pass   
  • Second life  Fail

Ability to backup sims to my hard drive and reinstall them on the grid.

  • Kitely   Pass   
  • Inworldz Fail
  • Second life  Fail

Access to Hypergrid (so I could report on places in the Hypergrid).

  • Kitely   Pass   
  • Inworlds  Fail
  • Second life  Fail

Market selling things for video production.

  • Kitely   Pass   
  • Inworldz Pass   
  • Second life  Pass   

Script compatibility with Second Life and the Hypergrid

  • Kitely   Pass   
  • Inworlds  Fail
  • Second life  Pass   

Software compatibility with Opensim. 

  • Kitely   Pass   
  • Inworldz  Fail
  • Second life  Pass 
I had previously rented space in Inworldz from a well known Second Life content creator.     Inworldz forked the Opensim software, making her scripts unusable.  She was not willing to rewrite her scripts, so she left and I left, too.

Credible business model

  • Kitely   Pass   
  • Inworldz Pass?*
  • Second life  Pass   
*I have not examined the Inworldz business model, but assume that its success indicates a credible business model 
Cost for a sim (per month) 
  • Kitely   $50*
  • Inworldz $75**
  • Second life  $300
*Closest comparison.  Gets one region, which can be the size of one sim (256x256 merters) or the size of four sims (512x512 meters), 60,000 prims, 40 concurrent visitors, open to all visitors at no cost to anyone.  Other pricing plans are available here:  Kitely Services

**I could not easily find the land prices for Inworldz and may have needed to join again before I could see them.   I have used a figure given to me by a resident or former resident.

What about other objectives?

Other objectives would lead to other criteria and other choices.  If you need a crowd, the best place to get it is in Second Life.   If you want to learn to build, the best place to learn is probably Builder's Brewery (Second Life).  If you want collaborators on a project, you probably want to look in Second Life.  

More about space from Seanchai Library 

As an example of the differential, when preparing for our recent presentation to Book-It Repertory Theater, we did the math.  To try and do the “Pride & Prejudice” Project in Second Life would cost us over $1000 just for the land and tier.  It would limit us to three months of the build being live to the public – all construction would have to happen in sections off site or in sandboxes – and we would only have one sim and 15,000 prims.  In Kitely, the project would require a mere $153 to cover the land for six months.  In that case, we are talking about a four-sim megaregion with 100,000 prims, which we would pay roughly $50 a month for when it is public, and drastically less when it is not (i.e. when we are building and testing).  With the Hypergrid extending access, the economics of this are incredibly clear.


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