Friday, July 11, 2014

2014 GAME: EDU: Rapid development kit for games. Available on the Hypergrid.

Rapid development kit for games. 
Available on the Hypergrid.
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 Designed with eLearning games (Immersive Learning Simulations) in mind, the kit contains everything you need to rapidly create adventure style games in world. The kit was developed to empower non-programmers, subject matter experts, instructional designers and enthusiasts to rapidly create their own custom interactive adventures.

Note: I have not tested this kit and so cannot evaluate it.  I merely report on it because it is potentially useful educational software available on the Hypergrid via Kitely Market.  At a cost of about  $10 USD (full perm), it seems worth testing if you are going to set up an immersive learning game on an Opensim grid.  The author, Allen Partridge, has good qualifications. 
The listing on Kitely Market gives links to two videos reporting on games built using this kit.  One is presented above.  The other has been previously reported in this blog: 

Comments by two buyers 

  • Since the scripts are full-perm, it's customizable to whatever you need it to be for your own game. A lot of good examples included.
  • Everything you need to create a game in your sim is clearly explained.
Creator: Allen Partridge
Linkedin:  Allen Partridge
Allen Partridge


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Video-Machinima in virtual worlds

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  1. I've been playing with the Allen Partridge game engine kit this week, laying out a couple of learning scenarios. It's pretty easy to work with, he's done a good job of setting it up so that people can drop in their own content and have a working game. Glad to see you promoting this. It has great potential.