Tuesday, July 15, 2014

2014 EDU: NEW: UWA offers free online courses to help newcomers start doing things in virtual worlds

UWA offers free online courses 
to help newcomers 
start doing things in virtual worlds
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  • Free
  • No need to create an account.  Log in as a guest.
  • Standardized instruction for bringing students into virtual worlds.
  • Study and practice.  
  • Study on the web.  Practice in Second Life.
  • Study and practice with friends.
  • Outcomes stated in terms of what you will be able to do
Inworld activity station
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The reading stuff is on the computer
The doing stuff is here
When you are learning to do something you have not finished until you can do it.
You already learned how to get here
So you got through the first level
The packages have gifts for you
When you learn how to get them
Tasks to do
Learn by doing.  
The principle of learn by reading was just a 20th century aberration 
There is a treasure here
The real treasure lies in what you can do.
More help
Educators in the virtual worlds
are a community
Sometimes you have to rez things
Once you rez something, you will know what that means
Drag an object from your inventory onto a surface where you have authority to rez.  
The peacock is ornamental
But look at what you can make when you know how.
Other places in the 
University of Western Australia 
virtual campus
Practice teleporting here

Other Newcomer Help in Virtual Worlds. 


News and Notes

Events in the virtual worlds  

Ronka Short Poetry Workshop 7/15, 7pm SLT - Ronka Short Poetry Workshop 7/15, 7pm SLT This week the Short Poetry Workshop explores a new invented form called the Ronka. Created by Kenneth Ronkowitz, the Ronka’s influence comes from the Japanese form the Tanka. However, the Ronka is 5 lines each having 7 words without concern for syllables. The ronka focuses on observations of the day. So join us at the Short Poetry Library to learn, write and share the Ronka. 



Video-Machinima in virtual worlds

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