Tuesday, July 8, 2014

2014 OPENSIM: Physics and vehicles, Bullet and ODE physics engines

Physics and vehicles, Bullet and ODE
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There has been some question about how well vehicles work in the physics engines use by Opensim.  Some builders are actively testing this question.  Here I report some videos that are current answers to this question.   These  videos illustrate vehicle performance on opensim, using Bullet and ODE physics engines.   The newest version of OpenSimulator shifted to using the Bullet engine.

Bullet coaster on OpenSimulator   

Cuteulalas Bullet Coaster on Sisyphus@OSgrid using BulletSim Physics with 8 passengers, greatest OpenSimulator coaster ever created!!

Bullet vs ODE Again

The flying machine is on bullet, the two cars are on ODE. Notice that under ODE everything turns so statically, not really realistic at all. Under bullet notice how the flying machine turns and move smoothly.

Superbike Test 2

Over the last few days I have been doing some development on a Superbike. Initially at a slower speed I have been trying to get a balance between sharper cornering and a better lean into the bends. The next part is to up the speed in increments of 2 to see how the speed effects the sharp turn in and the lean over. Lots more to do script wise, but it's getting there slowly.  --- Mike Hart



News and Notes

Events in the virtual worlds  

Roll-a-Poem Short Poetry Workshop-7/8, 7pm SLT - This week the Short Poetry Workshop will be doing a fun group poem called Roll-a-Poem. Each poet rolls the “die” to get the number of words they will use for their line in the poem. It’s lots of fun to see the poems we can create as a group, so come down to the Short Poetry Workshop to learn, write and share.

Newcomer Help in Virtual Worlds. 


Video-Machinima in virtual worlds

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