Wednesday, July 23, 2014

2014 PEOPLE: BIZ: Why I gave up on virtual world communications and shifted to social media

Why I gave up on virtual world communications 
and shifted to social media
Scroll down for News and notes (including articles about new TOS)

SL communication deficiencies

  • IMs capped.
  • Ran out of groups.
  • Notecards inconvenient and unreliable.
  • Notecards have awkward handling of links to websites.
  • Can't contact friends on Hypergrid.
  • Have to start viewer to communicate in notecards and chat.
  • How do I maintain contact if SL closes?
  • Posts removed from forums with no explanation.

Hypergrid communication deficiencies

  • Have to handle a second set of contacts
  • Can't contact friends in SL 
  • Awkward handling of links to websites
  • Have to start viewer to communicate
  • Awkward handling of back messages
  • Hypergrid connections uncertain
  • How do I maintain contact if my grid closes?

Social media advantages

  • Available in my browser, smart phone, or tablet
  • No limits on number of messages or contacts
  • All contacts on same list
  • Easy handling of links to web sites
  • Easy handling of back messages
  • Easy to pass notes on to other groups,
  • Google+, at least, accommodates pseudonyms*
  • Accommodates friends who are not into virtual worlds
  • Extends community reach beyond virtual worlds, 
  • Several connections.  They won't all close



News and Notes

Events in the virtual worlds  

Contests and dated proposals

The theme is 'TRANSCENDING BORDERS.' Artists & filmmakers can interpret the theme as they see fit. Whether transcending borders between time and space, past and present, one nation and another, one language and another, a culture or civilisation or any other of the innumerable borders that present themselves as we navigate our lives. You the artist... You the machinimatogrpher...You decide.
Entries Close at Midnight SLT 31st October 2014. Winner will be announced in December 2014
Artists-in-Residence will receive a full sim for five months on which to create and display their proposed projects.  Artists will have up to three months to build their projects (though many have suggested they will be completed sooner), with all exhibits set to be open by end of October. 

Newcomer Help in Virtual Worlds. 



Video-Machinima in virtual worlds

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  1. great post. This is what holds me back from using SL more. I also am now getting very used to social media as an alternative identity builder. Its not 3D, but each mediaum has is strengths. Interestingly, I hated "forced" pseudonyms in SL and kinda still do.


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