Thursday, April 3, 2014

2014 PEOPLE: PROMO: April treasure hunt on Kitely open now.

April treasure hunt on Kitely
  • Welcome to the "April Hunt" 2014.
  • By Sierra Jakob & Dundridge Dreadlow
  • The Hunt is a Hidden Treasure Adventure offered in Kitely through April 2014.
  • Worlds have hidden gifts for you to find and collect.
  • To start, launch your viewer and go here:  
  • April Hunt LAUNCH POINT
  • If you are logged in to the Kitely grid, paste this line into your viewer's navigation bar:
  • hop:// Hunt LAUNCH POINT/131/125/27
  • and press enter.
Instructions here
  • Take a landmark here.  You will want to come back.
  • World (top) menu--Landmark this place 
Click image to enlarge
Participating places

Click on the sign to get a link to all the sites with eggs.  You can also find the list here: 
Kitely April Hunt.  Since the rabbit hole takes you to randomly selected places, the only way you can be sure that you have visited all the places is to use this list.  

Note that some places on the list show zero rabbit holes.  If a place does not have a rabbit hole (or if you can't find one),  use that landmark you took to this starter place to get back in the hunt.  Since the places are selected randomly,  you are not likely to go to the same place you left.
Click on the rabbit hole (spiral)
  • Kitely worlds may be offline, may take a minute or so to start up.
  • On the trip you may get interesting messages, such as
  • "Teleport failed" 
  • "The world -------- was offline, so it is now being started...."
  • "You are not allowed to visit this world
  • Don't believe everything you read
  • If you don't see yourself travelling the rabbit hole, don't worry.  
  • Press escape.  That may fix it.  Or give you something to do while waiting.
Dark of night cannot deter you
Change night to day: Firestorm:  World (top menu); Sun position 
Make the world as clear as day
  • At places that interest you, take a landmark
  • That's World (top menu)--Landmark this place  
  • Check the report panel that appears after you click "Landmark this place."  
  •  If the name is "Your Parcel" or "unknown," rename it to something more useful.
  • You can also fix the name of the landmark in your inventory 
  • The most recent landmark will be at the top of the list.
  • That's right click on the name in your inventory
  • Then click rename on the drop-down menu
Look around for hints
Skills that you can use in the hunt
Hints on sticky notes
Thanks to Maria Korolov for the sticky note script.
Zoom out for a big view.  
  • If you don't see anything related to the hunt, not even a rabbit hole, 
  • You may want to go back to the starting place. 
  • Remember that Landmark you took back there?
  • You won't retrace the same path.  The destinations are chosen at random.
Sign at the arrival point 
Make sure your visitors know about your place.
Arrows tell people where to go.
Click on things.  They may give you hints
Some places have lots of information 
right at the landing point

Read the signs.  They may help.


  • Think about how something like this might be useful as a permanent feature
  • Think about forming a Kitely merchants association to maintain something like this
  • Find a way to get user feedback on  the places.  Some places are good, others not.
  • Find a way to let visitors go only to the places the have not visited
Put your suggestions in the comments section. I will copy them to here.

News and Notes

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