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2014 STAGE: Casting call. "Confidential Deceit." Producer-writer seeks actors for a series production in SL

Casting call.   "Confidential Deceit."  Producer-writer seeks actors for a series production in SL   
"Confidential Deceit" tells the dark and twisted story of Jordan Marino a star athlete at Richard Nixon High who's life is turned upside down after the death of his father. "Confidential Deceit" is an LGBT themed dramedy that will take a look at the lives of Jordan Marino and the people in his life.
Promotional Video:

From VxScorpioxV Resident:  "In upcoming series nothing will be off limits. We will have story lines that will deal with such topics as homophobia, sexuality, drug and alcohol abuse, mental illness, religion, and much more. This story will be told in an honest and powerful way.  Our upcoming series will feature sex, nudity and coarse language.  More information will be available soon. Please check out our promo:
The promo is done with live actors, but the initial production will be in Second Life because the lower costs make virtual worlds the only practical option.   The live actors are Michael Sutton as Jordan Marino,  Ethan Navarro as Luke Henderson, Alysha Jenae as Anita Jackson, and Kendall Hague as Nikki Tyler. They are may provide the voice acting for the series, but that is not settled. 
- This casting call is for avateers (people to provide the avatar performances) and voice actors.  
VxScorpioxV Resident is also actively seeking a director and a producer
Confidential Deceit will be geared to all audiences 17 and older but will feature LGBTQ characters.  If you are interested please send e-mail to:
From VxScorpioxV Resident: 

  • We are seeking actors male and female to fill the roles of these outrageous characters.
  • Sixteen year old Jordan Marino struggles after the death of his father.
  • Our project is a dark, twisted dramedy with a splash of camp.
  • More information regarding the storyline and the script will be provided to actors applying for the roles.
The roles we are seeking to fill first are the starring roles of
  • Jordan Marino
  • Luke Henderson
  • Anita Jackson
  • Nikki Tyler
  • There are other roles in this series that need to be filled as well.
  • Please feel free to inquire about a role that is not listed above.
  • Right now we cannot afford any payment to the actors for this project, but there is some potential for great exposure.


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"Miss Julia" by August Strindberg.  Directed by Mokey Mokusei.
April 23 & 24, 2014 7 PM; April  24, 2014 5 PM
  • Miss Julia: Kerry Takashi
  • Jean: Caliban Jigsaw
  • Christine: Honoria Paine-Lusch
  • Singing Voices: Rebeefio Spaatz
  • Set Design and Properties: Honoria Paine-Lusch
  • Animations and Special Properties: August Paine-Lusch
  • Theater Designed and textured  by Kit Guardian                                   
  • Built by Circle2 Claven in 2009    
  • Founder of KG Shine Productions: 
  • Producer/ Director/Actress/Writer, Kit Guardian





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