Wednesday, April 30, 2014

2014: PROMO: VIDEO: A Tour of Donnybrook Beach on Kitely

A Tour of Donnybrook Beach on Kitely
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  • A Tour of Donnybrook Beach In Kitely Grid
  • Host and speaker: Deuce Halsey, owner of Donnybrook Beach
  • Participants: Min Tigerpaw and Selby Evans
  • You see the user interface here because this is a live capture of a moving event.
  • I needed the interface to follow the event
  • The floating text shows conversations and the names of people.
  • At my age I really like a little help on names.
  • Video Capture, Editing, and Production:
  • Selby Evans

The Tour

  • If you want to know about these tours, check with Deuce Halsey in Kitely

The Egg Hunt

The Linda Kelley Boardwalk OAR File


Just4yucks has been selling our original, hilarious cartoon and wordplay designs on t-shirts and gift items online since 2001. Since 2009 we have been marketing some of our designs in virtual worlds. The new Just4yucks for OpenSim Main Gallery and Showroom is now open in Donnybrook Beach on the Kitely grid. 
Donnybrook Beach offers free unlimited access - no need to use time from your own Kitely account minutes.

    Kitely Market

    Deuce Halsey:  Just4yucks in Kitely Marketplace
    Most of our items for OpenSim are available for sale in the Kitely Market. The majority are available as Export versions that can be used in any OpenSim grid as Mod/Copy items.
      Video-Machinima in virtual worlds

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