Tuesday, April 15, 2014

2014 PROMO: PEOPLE: April egg hunt in full swing on Kitely

April egg hunt in full swing on Kitely
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Upgrades on the entry point
MoreTravel options
Worlds list on the web
  • If you are logged in to the Kitely grid, paste this line into your viewer's navigation bar:
  • hop://osgrid.kitely.com:8002/April Hunt LAUNCH POINT/131/125/27
  • and press enter.
Worlds End 
The green man
  • World's EndThe Township of Llanfarian, "has a little bit of a twist. 
  • As well as the 19 eggs, there are 24 chests hidden around the world. 
  • Most contain the villagers dirty laundry............., but some contain treasure! 
  • Copy the address below into the address bar of your viewer.  Press return:
  • hop://osgrid.kitely.com:8002/The Township of Llanfarian/83/62/28


  • At places that interest you, take a landmark
  • That's World (top menu)--Landmark this place  
  • Check the report panel that appears after you click "Landmark this place."  
  •  If the name is "Your Parcel" or "unknown," rename it to something more useful.
  • You can also fix the name of the landmark in your inventory 
  • The most recent landmark will be at the top of the list.
  • Right click on the name in your inventory
  • Then click rename on the drop-down menu
Sexy secrets (Adult) 
Kitely Calendar
LMS Exchange gives links 
to other sites in Kitely

Sierra Jakob Designs Headquarters
GothixGrafx Crematorium

Places I have reported about are in the hunt

Land owners

  • If you parcel does not have a name or a picture,
  •  you are missing important promotional effect.
  • Add a name in the About Land panel, General tab.
  • Add a picture in the About Land panel, Options tab.
  • You may have to set a landing point when you add a picture.
  • So get a picture (camera button) and save it to your inventory
  • Go to a good landmark place and drag the picture to the snapshot area
  • Click the set button under Landing Point, if needed to make the picture stay
  • Teleport routing: Anywhere is a good choice unless you want to force a specific point.

News and Notes

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