Thursday, April 24, 2014

2014 STAGE: WRITE: Writers seek a composer for first life (outworld) musical

Writers seek a composer for first life musical

Invited article by RyanRyder Resident 

I, along with my writing partner, are developing our first musical for the real life stage and we are currently seeking a composer who would be willing to take on the project for a share of the proceeds of any potential future ticket sales. 
More information will be given to the composer willing to take on this project. 
We envision our musical as a RENT meets High School Musical dramedy that will incorporate various forms of multimedia and will even include “audience” participation.  We have begun writing the lyrics for the seven songs in the first act, with a planned total of perhaps sixteen to eighteen songs in the entire three act musical.   
All the songs in our musical will feature different genres; pop, r&b, country, ballads, and even an irish drinking song will be included in this musical. As stated above, any composer who takes on this project will be offered shared proceeds from any future ticket sales.
For more information, contact RyanRyder Resident 


Why look in virtual worlds for a project in the physical world?

  • Because the virtual worlds are seething with creativity people.
  • And creative people look for a place to do their thing.
  • And that is why I am running this article

Another value that virtual worlds might offer for outworld projects

  • Make a demo video in a virtual world at low cost.
  • Not a finished product, but a proof-of-concept
  • A marketing tool.  
  • You are selling visuals and music.  
  • How well will it sell if you send it on paper?  
  • How well will it sell if you send it in video?
  • You won't send the music on paper; you will add an audio file
  • Do you really want to market the visuals on paper?

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"Miss Julia" by August Strindberg.  Directed by Mokey Mokusei.
April 23 & 24, 2014 7 PM; April  24, 2014 5 PM
  • Miss Julia: Kerry Takashi
  • Jean: Caliban Jigsaw
  • Christine: Honoria Paine-Lusch
  • Singing Voices: Rebeefio Spaatz
  • Set Design and Properties: Honoria Paine-Lusch
  • Animations and Special Properties: August Paine-Lusch
  • Theater Designed and textured  by Kit Guardian                                   
  • Built by Circle2 Claven in 2009    
  • Founder of KG Shine Productions: 
  • Producer/ Director/Actress/Writer, Kit Guardian





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