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2014 ART: The Philosopher's Stone--Pixels Sideways and Georg Janick

The Philosopher's Stone--
Pixels Sideways and Georg Janick
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Featuring the works of 15 artists interpreting 15 philosophers in 2D & 3D original artworks.
The Philosopher's Stone, entry point
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  • Use the Greek Urn to teleport from place to place.  Or just fly in and around the islands.  
Created by Pixels Sideways and Georg Janick
The overall concept for the exhibition focuses on two large figures at the center of a pastoral setting -- male and female -- who are  suspended between the corporeal / material plane of earth while being lifted upward from their base existence toward philosophical ideas.   The figures are bound to the Philosopher's Stone -- the sought after alchemy to create gold -- the ultimate materialism.   
The philosophy of struggle
The Philosopher's Stone is a Caerleon Artist Collective project and in that light, we strive to create art exhibitions that are thought provoking, fun, entertaining and educational.   We encourage collaboration, sharing of knowledge, exploring ideas and experimenting with various techniques and technologies.   We welcome both seasoned and novice artists.  We are a non-profit organization that has been active in promoting art and education in Second Life since February 2008 and we have produced many large and smaller scale art exhibitions including simultaneous events in Second Life and real world art venues.   
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On the floating islands visitors discover the artists' 3D interpretations of 15 philosophers and in a gallery on the ground level, the same artists' 2D "flat art" interpretations. 

Created by Pixels Sideways and Georg Janick
  • Aequitas - USA  Philsopher:  Plato
  • Ama Avro - France  Philosopher:  Descartes
  • Artistide Despres - Holland Philosopher:  Deleuze
  • Barry Richez - France  Philosopher:  Heidegger
  • Bibi Rives - Brazil  Philosopher - Wittgenstein
  • Feathers Boa - USA  Philosopher:  Marx
  • Freewee Ling - USA  Philosopher:  Nietzsche
  • Leoa Piek - Brazil  Philosopher: Hegel
  • Lollito Larkham - France  Philosopher:  Kant
  • Misprint Thursday - USA  Philosopher:  Leibniz
  • Robin Moore - Denmark  Philosopher:  Aristotle  
  • Scottius Polke - USA  Philosopher:  Hume
  • Stardove Spirt - WalesPhilosopher:  Epicurus
  • Ub Yifu - France  Philsopher: Spinoza
  • Winter Nightfire - USA  Philosopher:  Arendt
The works of Karl Marx

...floating islands attached by ephemeral chains to circular rings connect the figures to the non-material -- thoughts, ponderings, musings, ideals and philosophies that seek to define human existence, behavior, imagination, spirituality, politics and so on.
  • Thinkerer:  Nobody ever does anything in the abstract.

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"Miss Julia" by August Strindberg.  Directed by Mokey Mokusei.
April 23 & 24, 2014 7 PM; April  24, 2014 5 PM
  • Miss Julia: Kerry Takashi
  • Jean: Caliban Jigsaw
  • Christine: Honoria Paine-Lusch
  • Singing Voices: Rebeefio Spaatz
  • Set Design and Properties: Honoria Paine-Lusch
  • Animations and Special Properties: August Paine-Lusch
  • Theater Designed and textured  by Kit Guardian                                   
  • Built by Circle2 Claven in 2009    
  • Founder of KG Shine Productions: 
  • Producer/ Director/Actress/Writer, Kit Guardian





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