Friday, March 21, 2014

2014 OPENSIM: BIZ: HGProjects. Kitely markets to the Hypergrid

Kitely markets to the Hypergrid
Updated 12/7/2012
The Kitely Hypergrid market is now open.   From the Kitely Market, creators can now sell to any grid on the Hypergrid if they want to.     People can now buy for any avatar on the Hypergrid and have the product delivered to that avatar in that avatar's grid.   That includes privately operated grids using Sim-on- a-Stick.
There will be a minor problem on grids still using versions of OpenSim older than 0.7.6 Release.  In those grids, the initial report will be: "Can't find item to give. Nothing given." 
Actually, the older versions of OpenSim fail to find the delivered item because of a bug.  The work-around is: Log off and log back on.  The long term solution is to update the grid.

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