Tuesday, March 18, 2014

2014 BIZ: OPENSIM: Kitely Hypergrid Market working well in private beta.

Kitely Hypergrid Market working well in private beta. 
Kitely Hypergrid Market is still in private beta, but the performance seems to be good.  Two big problems have been resolved.  Maybe it is not too early for content creators to look into using Kitely Market as a market to the Hypergrid.   My guess is that it will be operational in about 10 days or less.

The Kitely market is in full scale operation.  You can find it here: Kitely Market.  The part that is in private beta is delivery to the Hypergrid.  When Hypergrid delivery goes operational, products currently on the market should be deliverable to the Hypergrid.  

Kitely Hypergrid Market--Closed Beta Status

The closed beta seems to be going well.  In the reports, I am seeing mostly reports of successful deliveries to other grids.   A problem of missing textures has been resolved by a recent update.  There is one other big problem that occurs on systems using versions of OpenSim older than 0.7.6 Release.  The report is : "Can't find item to give. Nothing given."  In the newest version of OpenSim (0.7.6 Release), the bug is corrected and delivery works well in grids that are running the new release.   
With older OpenSim releases, the product is still delivered, but you can't access it until you log off and log back on. The new update on the Hypergrid delivery system tells customers about the problem with  older software and tells how to get the product.    If you have control or influence over the software running on a grid, maybe it is time to update.

Kitely Market

How big is the Hypergrid market?

I can't find good data to give me a useful answer to this question.   Maria Korolov produces a monthly summary of statistics about OpenSim.   The March report indicates:
The total number of registered users rose by 1,367, to 338,945, and the total number of active users rose slightly as well, to 18,957.
 But not all of these users are on the Hypergrid.  The number of active users looks small compared to the numbers on SL, which usually has several times 18 K online every afternoon SL time.   But active may not mean the same thing in Hypergrid as it does in SL.  I suppose we will just have to watch the sales figures to have any idea about the size of the Hypergrid market. 


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