Thursday, March 6, 2014

2014 STAGE: Ballet Pixelle Live in Japan

Ballet Pixelle Live in Japan
Ballet Pixelle on stage

Ballet Pixelle Live in JapanInvited post by Inarra Saarinen

Ballet Pixelle performed live in Japan on February 14, 2014.  The troupe participated in TPAM.  TPAM is an international platform for performing arts professionals that includes participants who share interest in and passion for creation, promotion, development, dissemination, exchange, critique, and study of contemporary performing arts. 

Inarra Saarinen, Ballet Pixelle's artistic director, and dancer Luci Yokosuka, gave the presentation in real life in Yokohama, Japan.  Other dancers in Second Life demonstrated various moves that showed some of the unique capabilities and movement that virtual dance can provide, along with how physical dance can be replicated and brought into and performed in the virtual environment.  They then performed Act II of "Archidance", an homage to past and present key choreographers and dancers, using ballet and modern dance movement.
Inarra Saarinen choreographed "Archidance" and Aiyana Tripsa, Patros Zifer, Tik Merlin, and Vivienne Darcy performed.  The music, "Requiem", was composed and performed by Kurt Bestor.
Ballet Pixelle will be performing live in London, England on March 4 at 11:00 am SLT.  The group has also been invited to perform in Berlin, Germany as part of the country's Games Festival sponsored by the Computer Game Museum in Berlin.
Ballet Pixelle's web site is:


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