Friday, March 7, 2014

2014 PROMO: OPENSIM: Virtual Worlds: A practice field for social media and public relations people.

Virtual Worlds: A practice field for 
social media and public relations people 
Opensim worlds cannot depend on a large inworld population. They have reach out to the larger population of people on the web.  Social media sites can offer a big audience at low cost--to people who know how to use them.

Social media/public relations 

Social Media Specialist.  This job title is not yet recognized by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (US), but it probably will be soon.    I searched Google for that term and got over 6 million hits (some as Public Relations Specialist).   Courses and certification are being offered by universities such as SMU.
In RL work, the Bureau of Labor Statistics prices such work at about $26. to  $55  (USD) per hour, but that is for established professionals with a documented track record.  Big companies may have a Social Media Manager.   Preparation for that line of work is offered, for example,  by Saint Leo University.
There may be some people in virtual worlds who will take on the job for a modest fee.  It would provide good practice, an opportunity to build a contact list (in Linkedin), and perhaps an occasion for building a blog audience.  Tasks like this in virtual worlds might be useful for: 
  • People in courses for social media/public relations skills and certification.  
  • People considering a career in such fields.
  • People wanting to boost their experience and credentials in such fields.

Jobs for Social Media Managers Now Growing According to BLS Job Data  

A growth rate of 23 percent or more is expected for social media management and related positions, according to the BLS job statistics data. An average salary of $57,550 could be earned by someone working as a social media manager for companies online in a full-time position.

Elements of a job description for a Social Media Specialist in virtual worlds

Many of these items would apply also to jobs in the outworld.  Not all of these items would apply to a specific job.  Many jobs in virtual worlds might be consulting for a specific project and so call for only a few of these activities.  Someone offering services as a Social Media Specialist, however, would probably need all of the implied capabilities and connections.
  • Develops and maintains extensive contacts/followers in social media.
  • Develops/maintains contacts with bloggers and other influencers in social media.
  • Develops/maintains contacts with substantial numbers of people active in  social media.
  • Plans marketing campaigns and manages them.
  • Writes advertising, marketing copy, and press releases. 
  • Actively posts articles on an owned or shared blog site.
  • Writes and publishes an in-company newsletter or blog.
  • Encourages and assists other personnel to use social media for the objectives of the project or company.
  • Manages use of inworld publicity methods. 
  • Other  (TBD--add suggestions in the comments section).


Video-Machinima in virtual worlds
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