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2914 HOBBY: OPENSIM: Vehicles: Jetskiing and Hang Gliding on a Megaregion

Vehicles:  Jetskiing and Hang Gliding on a Megaregion
Megaregions in Opensim may be the natural homes for vehicles because there are no sim borders to cross.

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Published on Jan 22, 2014
This is a video of a scripted Hang Glider and scripted Jet Ski on the Next Reality Water Islands which is a 100 Sim Megaregion. Both of the vehicles cope very well with the Megaregion without any lagging, dipping, going underground, getting flung into oblivion and/or viewer/OS Instance crashing because the vehicle gets to a part of the region it doesn't like. If Megaregions are set up right and the scripts are set to use them then it doesn't matter how big your megaregion is.  -- Mike Hart
Varregions (also called* Megaregions) are an experimental feature of OpenSimulator that allow multiple 256 x 256 meter regions to be combined in to a single larger region, such that there is no border transition between regions.  Megaregions are already available in for regular use in Kitely and are not experimental.
*Correction: I understand that there are technical differences between Varregions and Megaregions.  From the standpoint of the users, they are similar.  Here is the technical difference as given by Sarge Misfit:

Selby, Varregions are NOT also called Megaregions. They are very different.-
A megaregion is a number of standard sized regions that are "stitched" together so that they behave as if they are one large single region. But, in the end, they are still regions and, as such, each one has its own set of data.-Varregion, though, is a single region of variable size. You can set that size to almost any that you want. Although there are certain limitations, it is still just one region.-Consider two land areas, one is 512m by 512m and the other is 1,024m by 1,024m. Using megaregions the first requires having four regions defined during setup while the second requires having 16 regions defined.-Using varregions, each of those requires having just one region defined during setup.
A large megaregion probably does not have a proportionally large increase in the number of prims or avatars it can handle.  Thus a lot of water and open land may be just what the megaregion needs.    
Kitely offers a megaregion (advanced world) with 16 regions for about  $100 (USD) per month.  This advanced world can handle 100,000 prims and 100 avatars (but maybe not both at once). 
New Hover script  By Joe Builder
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  1. With respect, Selby, varregions are NOT also called megaregions. See my reply in the G+ Community OpenSim Virtual

    1. Thanks, Sarge. I have edited the article to reflect your comments.