Tuesday, March 11, 2014

2014 PROMO: OPENSIM: Kitely Community Destination board by Isis Ophelia

Kitely Community Destination board by Isis Ophelia
Isis Ophelia made a useful community destination board designed to let people display pictures of their venues and give landmarks. 
Landmark Exchange Board by Isis Ophelia

The board is in the world named IDdesigns (click to go to the web page)  
If you don't see the board when you arrive, go to:
(you can probably paste the location above into your the Navigation (top) bar of Firestorm and press return.)
You should be able to paste this hop into the navigation  panel of your viewer and press enter.
But that is not working for me at this time.
To get your full perm copy of the board, click the sign next to the board.  Note that the board is a coalesced object, so be away from parcel and sim borders when you rez it.

Other things in the IDdesigns world.

Lady's garments
Group joiner
Men's garments
Lady's shoes
Musical Venue

The use model

  • The host landowner puts the  board in a fixed location, where it will get traffic.
  • The board collects landmarks. 
  • A venue owner (VO) comes there, "buys" a panel in place, for 0 KC.
  • VO puts a landmark and some pictures in the panel.
  • The panel has scripts: LM giver and slideshow cycler.
  • Visitor comes to the board, clicks on a panel with interesting pictures, gets LM.

This is design is good  for collecting landmarks.   

The multi-owner design has these consequences:

  • The panels cannot be linked into a single object.
  • The Host landowner cannot move the panels unless they are set to "Anyone can move
  • Each board will, in general, be differently arranged and may have different destinations.
  • The land owner cannot reorganize the board.  

Other web links to work by Isis Ophelia

Isis is also showing how to build a web presence.  That is valuable for merchants and for the Opensim worlds in general.  Here are my suggestions on where to promote your web presence:

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