Monday, March 10, 2014

2014 HELP: SL go! Now you CAN take it with you.

SL on the move!  
Now you CAN take it with you.  
  • No viewer to download
  • Just install an Android app
  • Low cost alternative: Lumiya 


  • The SL Go beta with new pricing:
  • Monthly unlimited-use subscription for $9.95 (USD) / £6.95 (GBP). 
  • No contract and no commitment.
  • Reduced hourly rate: $1 / £0.70 per hour.

  • SL Go
  • OnLive
  • Android app from Google Play store
  • Touch controls (Video Tutorial)
  • SL Go Setup
  • Viewer runs in the cloud
  • Uses the best hardware.
  • Works on Wi-Fi and 4G
  • Possible data costs from 4G carrier

Comments summary 

  • Good performance, but too expensive for most people to use a lot.
  • May not get enough take up with no freemium intro
  • Lumiya is a low cost alternative.  One time cost of $2.95 for the app.
  • Lumiya works with Opensim grids.
  • See demo below.

Comments by Nara Malone about Lumiya capture.

...this is what I managed to record. It's just a quick clip of Second Life on my Motorola Atrix, low resolution graphics. The recording process is the source of the lag. I used the Droid@Screen app on my laptop running the phone on the Android sdk and recorded with Fraps... 
... It took a while to patch together a system for getting the screenshot and the recording, which is copying from an Android emulator on a Windows machine, is laggy. I have the graphics set to low in Lumiya to ease the recording lag. Gives you an idea but doesn't do the product justice. 
Caution: This is open beta.  You may want to wait a bit before testing.  You may want to be sure that the app is using the most secure encryption and that your tablet is secure from hacking.  

They are not limiting their expectations to SL

The company is also unveiling OnLive Go, an enterprise service that will add cloud functionality to virtual worlds and massively mutliplayer online games (MMOs).  

Possible tablet uses that might justify the costs 

  • Sales demo to supervisors, deans, customers.
  • (Think about the use in real estate sales and rentals.)  
  • Waiting room service to spare you the magazines
  • Lunch amulet to ward off the trivia-talkers.

This is the part I really like--note that theme in the ad

  • No vampires,  no zombies.
  • Real people.
  • Second Life as a pickup line (now we're back to imagination).
  • But it shows they have realized they are marketing go grown-ups.

Art in virtual worlds
Video-Machinima in virtual worlds

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