Wednesday, March 19, 2014

2014 HELP: OPENSIM: Firestorm profiles, web profiles, and Opensim. A note of caution.

Firestorm profiles, web profiles, and Opensim  
A note of caution.

  • Profiles are a bit tricky on Firestorm in Opensim.
  • If you tell Firestorm to use web profiles,
  • It will use profiles that were created in Second Life.
  • That may be what you want.  
  • Or it may be something you definitely don't want.
  • Here are some examples of how things can go wrong:

You look for the profile of a name you know in Opensim

  • Firestorm looks for name in the web profiles, as you told it to do.
  • But that name is not in the web profiles unless the person was in SL under the same name.
  • So you may find that the profile does not exist.
  • Or, worse, you find the profile of someone else who is using that name in SL.
  • I looked up a friend of mine under his name in Kitely.
  • I found a profile of a person who was offering  (Censored) ...
  • My friend, in Second Life under a different name, would have been appalled.

How do you get it right?

  • Use legacy profiles.  Choose here:
  • Preferences-GeneralUse web profiles by default should be unchecked.
  • You may want to put your Google Profile in the About panel.

Fix is in progress

Comment from Christopher Strachan:  "The developers of both Opensim and 3rd party viewers like firestorm are working hard on enabling web profiles like the kind found in sl and us php developers are also working hard on writing those files."

Details in the Firestorm Wiki

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