Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2013 HELP: MySL, Communication, friends, followers and followees

MySL, Communication, friends, followers and followees 
MySL people panel, Friends
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  • People on your inworld friends list are also on your friends list in MySL
  • The MySL friends have the same names as they do inworld*
  • You are automatically following your friends, but can stop following any one you please
  • Following means that you see the person's public posts.
  • You can access a profile via the name in your friends list.
  • You can send a private message to anyone from their profile.
  • You can follow anyone (from the profile) if the have the appropriate settings.
  • Other people can follow you if you have the appropriate settings.
  • You can stop any person you choose from following you.
*Maybe only the user name, not the display name.

MySL people panel, Following
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These are people I have chosen to follow without inviting them to be on my friends list. 
MySL people panel, Followers
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These are people who are following me, that is, are seeing my public posts on my comment stream. They can follow me because I have set the controls in my settings panel to allow that.  I could stop someone from following me with the Remove button. 

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