Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2013 STECH: Users guide to Virtual Relationships. Sex, porn, kinks.. etc.

  • Sex, porn, kinks.. etc
  • Virgin's Handbook on 
  • Virtual Relationships  
  • How to ...

  • -
    Virgin's Handbook on Virtual Relationships

    • How to survive the digitized interactions 
    • in social media and virtual worlds.
    • The secret mating dance of the human animal.. 

    "The Book is done, Virgin's Handbook on Virtual Relationships is going to the publisher and I have a Kickstarter Project online to help fund the costs.  The goal is only $2000 and you can give as low as a dollar!."
    Pamala Clift

    • What do we do in Virtual Worlds? 2012
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    1. It has been 8 mo. now since the book has been out and there have been book readings and lectures and book clubs and a whole lot of wonderful feedback. Saving my pennies to have an editor look through it and going to try one more time to get the immersive language people off my back. They don't like typonese.. *go figure*.. Thanks for your support Thinker and all my virtual relationships, customer, participant, friends & philosophers! Happy Holidays