Thursday, January 12, 2012

2013 Kit: MySL versus IMs and notecards for private messages

MySL versus IMs and notecards 
for private messages

  • MySL is a web-based social networking site integrated into Second Life.  
  • MySL uses the names you know in Second Life.
  • MySL offers private messages that could replace notecards and IMs for  some uses.

Features of MySL notes
  • You can send and receive MySL messages without loading the viewer.
  • You send and receive on any device that runs your browser.
  • MySL messages can carry live web links.
  • You can search your  MySL message file by sender.
  • The conversation stays online when you log off.  
  • Messages are probably never capped.
How to send MySL notes
MySL, Private messages, offline
Why consider MySL to replace some notecard use?  
  • Sometimes my notecards won't save when I finish them.
  • Sometimes my notecards won't open when I send them.
  • Sometimes delivery of my notecards fails silently
  • People can't find notecards except by title of notecard.  
  • Business communication requires find-by-sender.
Notecards still have advantages in some cases 
 V3.2 Using Notecards: how and why (2012)   

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