Friday, January 6, 2012

2013 Kit: Land: About Land Window

About Land Window 
You use the About Land Window to see and change the settings on a parcel of land. 
The instructions here are for Viewer 3.2 and later.  Instruction details may not apply to other viewers.  Right click on the land for things you can do with/to your land. 
Land options
Right click on land
Click image to enlarge
About Land Window
General Tab
  • Information about the parcel.
  • Parcels are often set to groups.  
  • This allows some building rights for the group.
  • Parcels may be deeded to groups.  
  • Deeding allows extensive group control.
  • The settings in the about land windows can only be set by the parcel owner.
  • Or by someone in the group to which the land in deeded. 
  • How to use groups in Second Life, Summary
  • CAUTION. Deeding land to a group
About Land Window
Objects Tab
  • Information about object in the parcel
  • Controls to find and return objects on the parcel
    About Land, 
    Options window
  • Permissions control what people can do on the parcel.
  • You can limit building, for example, to members of the owning group
About Land Window, Media Tab
You can set a media source (usually video) on the land.  You set the web link on this page.  You also specify a particular texture to be used where you want the video to appear.  Normally, you would put this texture on a large flat prim to make a screen.  You can put the texture in multiple places and on prims of odd shapes to produce unusual effects.
About Land Window, Sound Tab
You can set an audio stream on the parcel with this tab.  Note that you use a special kind of web link.  An ordinary link to a web page will not work.  Most sources that stream music or audio via the web will list a streaming link on the web page.  The following link tells you how to get and use the streaming link from any Shoutcast site. 
The sound window also has check boxes for controlling voice
  • Enable/disable voice on the parcel
  • Restrict voice to the parcel or let voice cross to other parcels.
About Land Window, Access Tab
Specify conditions for entering the parcel and listing banned residents.
Parcel: Part (or all) of your land that will have the same settings. You can cut you land into multiple parcels . Parcels can be as small as 4x4 meters. Each parcel can (and should) have a different name and different settings.
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