Monday, January 16, 2012

2013 HELP: Troubleshooting, cautions, getting help in SL. Summary

  • Troubleshooting, 
  • cautions, 
  • getting help in Second Life
  • Summary 
You can search this or any web page in Chrome with Ctrl + F.  You get  a search bar (upper right of page).  Other browsers may also have some search-on-page feature. 
Quick Checks:
Common problems and fixes
Places to look for help
Information to give when you ask for help
  • Name and version number of your viewer.
  • What computer and OS are you using?
  • What is your graphics card.
  • Are your graphics drivers current with the manufacturers web site/
  • Have you/can you try a different machine?
  • Have you/can you try a wired connection (not WIFI)?
  • Have you/can you try a different router and modem?
  • Have you checked the bandwidth you are actually getting?
  • Have you tried a clean install?
If you can log on, get this report 
  • Help (Top menu)
  • About Second Life
  • Copy to clipboard button
  • Include that with requests for help
If your problem is that Second Life is too slow  (low FPS)
  • Go to a quiet sim.
  • Press Ctrl-Shift-1 to open/close  the Stats Window
  • Wait a few minutes
  • Note your  Frames per Second (FPS) -- Top right of window
SL official resources
  • What do we do in Virtual Worlds? 
  • Search on page with Google Chrome: Ctrl+f, search bar upper right 
  • Google search this blog, column on right
  • or put at the end of the search terms
  • Annotated screen shots made with Jing
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  • Second LifeLindenSLurl, and SL are trademarks of Linden Research Inc.
  • This blog is not affiliated with Second Life or anything else.  
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