Monday, January 9, 2012

2013 Kit: Stage performers. Double-click jump is what you need.

Stage performers!  
Double-click jump is what you need.
  • I can't get to the stage because of the lag.
  • I  can't even move because of the lag
  • It takes me five minutes to get to the stage because of the lag
  • I overshot the stage because of the lag
  • Why don't they fix this lag?
V3.2 (Firestorm is probably similar)
V3.2 Preferences, 
Move & View window
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The fix: You can usually teleport by double-click on any place you see, if you have the right settings.
Phoenix setting
  • Edit--Preferences--Phoenix tab
  • Check box: double click tp 
If you are in a parcel that has a landing point set, you may get a message saying you can't teleport closer.  Or you may TP to the landing point, then walk to the point you clicked on.  Double-click TP may not give good results in such a parcel.  The parcel owner can set things right, however:  put the landing point in a separate parcel and set the venue teleport routing to "anywhere." 
With these settings, you can unintentionally click somewhere and start walking .  When that happens, just double-click somewhere nearby.  That will cancel the previous walk order.
Some objects have a script that responds to a click.  The double-click won't work on the surface of such objects.  Simple solution: put another object over that surface.  You can make it nearly transparent or give it a texture to match the surface.  That will serve as your mark and surface that allows double-click jump. 
V3.2 Build Button (hammer)  -- Textures tab

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