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2013 Kit: Appearance for beginners

Kit: Appearance for beginners 
The instructions here apply to the standard Second Life viewer, 3.2 or above.  Other viewers may differ in details.
Changing outfits is the easiest way to change your appearance.  You will want more changes and you can have them.   But the more changes you want, the more you will have to learn.  So the best thing is to start simple and then decide what kind of changes you want.
V3.2 Avatar selection window
To start, look at your beginner screen:

This is the first button you want to try:
This button will give you a large selection of pre-made avatars.  You just select what you want and wear it.  Be sure to save it if you want to keep it easily available:  
  • Right click on your avatar.
  • Click Edit my Outfit 
  • (Edit my Outfit may only be availabe after some change in your avatar.)
  • Click Save in the Appearance window
  • Give the saved outfit a name you can recognize later.
Below are sample outfits already available in your virtual closet
Outfit: an avatar as you see it on the screen:  body parts, clothes, and attachments
Avatar: (1) A registered account identity in second life: user name, profile, etc. (2) an outfit as seen on the screen. 
Clothing: Specially designed textures applied to an avatar body to give the appearance of clothing.
Attachment points: Points on the avatar body to which objects can be attached, giving the effect of something worn as clothing or equipment.
Attachments: Objects that are attached to the attachment points.
Edit shape:  Change the appearance of the avatar body, including skin color hair color, and body shape. Appearance 103, Edit your shape, start learning
Prim hair: an alternative kind of hair that is actually an an attached object.  Prim hair is available in stores and freebie places.
You have some outfits when you start.  And you may collect more outfits by saving ones you select with the help of the Avatar button.  To see these outfits, click the Appearance button: 
That button opens the Appearance Window, your virtual closet with your outfits.  
Appearance window
Click image to enlarge
To wear any outfit in your vritual closet, click on the name, then click the Wear button at the bottom of the window.    Be patient, especially if your internet connection is slow.  The full description of your new outfit has to be downloaded to your computer.
Try on outfits
Thinkerer in customary outfit
Here I am at the Hobo Helpers HQ wearing my usual outfit
Thinkerer in cardboard outfit
Here I am after a quick change to a new cardboard outfit.  This is one of the outfits that newcomers have when they start.  You can find it in your outfits folder.

Thinkerer in dragon outfit
Thinkerer in female outfit
Thinkerer in business outfit
These changes took about a minute each on a connection with good bandwidth.  They would probably take longer on DSL or via a wi-fi connection.  All the outfits except the first and the last are in your virtual closet when you start. The first and last, the customary outfit and the business outfit,  I have modified by adding clothes and editing appearance,  I can easily get back to these because I saved them as outfits.


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