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2013 HELP: Wear objects/edit them

Wear objects/edit them
Start to attach
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  • You can "wear" objects--attach them to your avatar.  
  • Pre-made objects you get may have attachment points already set.
  • You can  set an attach point for any full perm object you own.  
  • Once an object is attached, you can position it as you wish.
  • When an object has an attachment point set, you can "wear" it
  • You can also "wear" clothes, but that is not like "wearing" objects
You need to know how to edit objects before you try to do this.  Beginner's building V3.2 
To attach an object
Hat attached, but the position is wrong
  • find it in your inventory
  • right click on it,
  • put cursor on Attach To.
  • In the submenu,  pick an attachment point near where you want the object.  
  • You can later edit the object to relocate it just where you want it.
You can have only one object attached to a particular attachment point, so choose an attachment point that you don't expect to use for something else.  (The submenu should show occupied points and the objects that occupy them.)
Hat position and size edited to suit
When you click to select the point, the object will attached to that point in a default postition.  The position of the object will be referenced to its center.  So don't be shocked when it is not where you expect.  Here is what you do next:
  • Right click the object and choose edit.
  • Move, rotate and edit the object just as with ordinary editing.  
  • Except that the coordinate system refers to the attachment point.
When the object is positioned to suit you, detach the object:  
  • Right click on the object and select Detach
  • Or select Drop if you want to get an extra copy.
  • Or find it in your inventory (look for the word "Worn").  Right click on it, select Detach

An object you detach  will go back to your inventory and will remember its attachment point and position. So in the future, you don't use attach to.  You right click and select Wear.   If you give the object to another person, they can wear it.   The object will take the same position on that person, but the shape of a different avatar may require custom editing.  

It you have a previous copy with the same name, you want to change one of the names so you can tell them apart in your inventory.  The previous copy will not have picked up the attachment point and editing information.
  • Always take copies of parts and final builds into your inventory.
  • Check the perms on a final build before you give out copies 
  • If you edit an object you are wearing, do not log off until you drop it and take a copy.

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