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2013 1stHELP: Defense against the Dark Arts

Defense against the Dark Arts 
  • Real cautions
  • "Dangers"
  • Safety Rules
  • Safe and Damage places
  • Stop Animations 
  • Annoying Sounds:
  • Chat not showing me what I type
  • Voice 
  • Voice -- -  MUTE
  • Can't hear
  • Voice -- annoying echo
  • Voice breaks up 
  • Voice not connecting
  • Name tag clutter
  • Smoke, fire, lots of flying things 
  • Pushing me 
  • Abuse report (AR)
  • Someone is rude
  • Reduce lag  
  • Inventory lost
  • Suddenly lost all my Lindens
  • Big viewer problems
  • Avatar not loading
You can search any web page in Chrome with Ctrl + F. This hot key  gives you a search bar (upper right of page).  Other browsers may also have a search-on-page feature. 
The instructions here apply to the standard Second Life viewer.  Some details may not apply to other viewers..
Real cautions
Only virtual dangers threaten in a virtual world.  You can always log off (Ctrl Q or close the SL Window). 
Safety Rules:
  • Don't wear or rez anything someone gives you unless you know what it will do.
  • Don't let someone or something animate your avatar unless you know what that will do.
  • If you don't like what is happening where you are:  Click on house, top bar, right of navigation bar
Safe and Damage places
Land can be set so that avatar can have "damage" and even be "killed."  Being "killed" simply gets the avatar sent to your home point.  If you have your navigation bar set to show parcel properties, you will see a red heart in a place that allows damage.   If your navigation bar is not set to show parcel properties, you can set it so:  Right click on the navigation bar and select show parcel properties from the drop-down.
Annoyances, glitches, and griefing 
Stop Animations 
Sometimes animations (like dancing) are hard to stop. 
V3.2: Me (top menu) -- Movement -- Click "Stop animating me"
Phoenix: World (top menu):  Click "Stop animating my avatar" 
Chat not showing me what I type
If other people see the text you type in chat, but you do not-- you may have accidentally blocked yourself.  To check/correct that

  • V3.2 People button  (2 heads)
  • Nearby tab
  • gear graphic, (lower left of people window) --
  • Show Blocked Residents & Objects.
  • Look for your username on the list. If you see it, click on it, then click on unblock.
Annoying Sounds:
You have several sound channels and can control them independently. Here are my settings:
  • V3.2 Preferences button (gears)- Sounds and Media
  • Five channels you can set independently
  • Mute ambient if the wind noise bothers you.
  • Turn down or mute sound effects if they bother you. 
  • I leave streaming music at low volume most of the time.
Voice volume-- Someone is too loud or too low.  
Action:  Adjust the volume on that person.  If you can see the avatar, hover your cursor over the avatar to get a green dot.  Click on that and adjust the volume with the slider.  Or use the 
V3.2 Voice settings button (headphones)
Hover on the name and click on the green dot.
Voice -- -  MUTE -- to mute a person who annoys you:  
Can't hear. -- Check your volume setting.  If no joy there, relog
Voice -- annoying echo when someone speaks.  Cause:  Another person has open mike.  
Hover on the name and click on the green dot.
  • Look for green waves next to name of someone not speaking. 
  • Ask the person to turn off mike.  
  • Or mute that person. 
Voice breaks up  --  Often caused by  low bandwdith.  If your voice breaks up, this may help: Log off, log back on
Voice not connecting.  In Windows: Click on desktop.  Key combination: Ctrl+Alt+Delete.  Open task manager, processes tab    End the process secondlifevoice.exe
Smoke, fire, lots of flying things -- probably particles
V3.2 Preferences button (gears) -Graphics tab--Click the advanced button -- slide the particle count to full left. 
Somebody pushes me  -- sit
Somebody orbited me: Can I find out who did it?
Abuse report (AR) Help (Top Menu), report abuse.
Someone is rude
Block and unblock contacts from someone
Can't move  --  Press return --  sometimes you start to type and don't notice
Setting in prefs.
Name tag clutter
V3.2 Preferences button (gears)  General tab >  select options next to show names.
Reduce lag  
These may help
  • Check the lag meter -- Help > lag meter > 3 lights show where the problem is.  
  • Check your attachements -- detach any you can do without. 
  • V3.2 Preferences button (gears)  > Graphics tab.  Set the main "Quality and Performance " slider to faster.
  • V3.2 Preferences button (gears)  Graphics tab. Click Advanced. Uncheck "Lighting and Shadows."
  • In Preferences-graphics-advanced (above).  Hardware:  Uncheck Enable VBO.
  • In Preferences-graphics-advanced (above):   Reduce draw distance
  • In Preferences-graphics-advanced (above):  Increase avatar imposters
Avatar not loading.  White cloud.or all  grey.
Big viewer problems:  Remove and reinstall.
How to do a clean install (Firestorm)
Inventory lost-- potentially serious if you have valuable stuff  in your inventory.  All or part of your inventory can be lost.  The defense is BACKUP.  As it has been for many years in working with computerrs. 
Backup: With valuable stuff, put copies in a box.   Send a copy of the box to an alt you have.
No-copy stuff:  I don't buy no-copy stuff and usually delete it from my inventory when I notice it. 
Suddenly lost all my Lindens
Probably not:
  • Click the number, or
  • get somebody to give you one Linden, or
  • Log off and log back on.
Script error spam.  "I keep getting script error messages from an object that is not mine."
Turn off script error messages if you don't need them. 
V3.2 Preferences button (gears)  -- Advanced tab -- uncheck "Show script errors in"
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