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2013 1stHELP: Your Stuff. Inventory

Your Stuff. Inventory 
Inventory Window 
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You can search any web page in Chrome with Ctrl + F. This gives you a search bar (upper right of page).  Other browsers may also have some search-on-page feature. 
  • Assets: your things: objects, notecards, textures, landmarks, etc.
  • Inventory:  file where the system keeps all your assets.
  • Library:  a folder in your inventory with free things you can copy to your main inventory and use.
  • Coalesced object: A collection of objects taken into inventory as a unit.  The objects will appear in inventory as boxes jumbled together. 
Asset types

  • Objects
  • Coalesced objects (multiple objects taken at one time)
  • Notecards
  • Textures
  • Scripts
  • Landmarks
  • Sounds
  • Calling cards
  • Outfits (complete avatar, with clothes and attachments) 
  • Clothes
To open your  inventory:
V3.2 Inventory button 

Find things in the inventory:
Things (assets) are generally sorted most recent first.  That is controlled by a setting you can change: click on the gear symbol, bottom left. (V3.2)

If you don't see a long  list of things, click "My Inventory"  Ignore the  list of asset types   Initially you only need to pay attention to notecards,  landmarks, and objects.   Notice, however, that each type of asset has it own distinctive graphic.  You  probably want to pay attention to some of  these.
Find in inventory
To find things, type a keyword in search bar (top of inventory window) .  Search is for exact text in title.  Use titles with keywords that you (and others)  can easily remember.


Inventory loss

Library folder
This has various kinds of free thngs (assets). To use anything here, copy-paste it into your main inventory folder. Trying to use items in your library folder may work sometimes, but don't count on it 

Copy-paste in inventory
  • Right click on the name of the item to copy.
  • Click Copy.
  • Right click on the name of the folder to put the copy in.
  • Click Paste.
  • You can paste the copy into the same folder. 
  • You may want to give the copy a different name. 
Things you will want to know later
For help in finding recent things, use Recent Items tab. 
For more search control, click the gear (V3.2) and set filters. Phoenix: SpotON3D: click Inventory button (bottom right)--Sort button (top menu) .  More control: FIle: Show Filters.
Some assets have conditions like  (worn)  and  (active).  You can search for clothing worn or active gestures by typing the condition word into the search bar. 
Multiple  inventory windows
You can open multiple inventory windows and drag them around you screen.  Inventory (right tabs, backpack).  Gear graphic, bottom left, click that, select New Inventory Window.
Use notecards to organize your stuff. 
You can add (embed)  assets in a notecard by dragging them from your inventory onto the notecard.  You can add your own comments:  just type them on the note and save.  You can remove enbedded assets as you do with any text -- highlight and delete, for example.   You can embed other things in your inventory as long as they have full  perms (permission).   If you can't embed something, that probably means it has not been set with full  perms. 
Embedding does not create a hyperlink.  An embedded notecard stays the same if  the original asset is changed.  
You can use this method to send multiple things to other people, all in one convenient package.
Change names on assets or folders: In the inventory list, right click on the item, click on rename, type in the new name, press return. Note: you probably cannot rename the system folders (the ones with the graphics on them).  You can rename the folders you create.
Coalesced object:  The objects will appear in inventory as boxes jumbled together.  The objects are taken by selecting multiple objects at once, as you would to link them.  Then, instead of linking you take the collection as you would a single object.
Cauton: Be careful rezzing a coalesced object:  Be sure the parcel has enough prims to support the object.   Get far away from the borders of the parcel.  Best go to the center of a sandbox if you are unsure.  
Coalesced object: What is that? 
Backup valuable items. 
You can lose things from inventory
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