Sunday, February 27, 2011

2013 PROMO: WRITE: Promoting Events in SL: Blogs

Promoting Events in SL:  Blogs


Blogs are good for promoting events in Second Life.  That is my opinion, anyway.   If you follow this blog, you will see that it announces and promotes selected events in Second Life.  
Blogs: benefits 
  • Free
  • Reaches the outworld, people not in Second Life
  • Reaches smart phones
  • Can present your writing
  • Operates on your schedule
  • Can publish in real time
  • Presents videos and pictures
  • Presents live web links for easy follow-up
  • Stays alive for later reference and use
  • Gives stats for feedback
Blogs: demands
Avoid blog-fading
Try piggy-blogging
  • Find blogs that post on things you want to promote
  • Send them press releases about your event
  • Pay attention to what they do with it
  • Promoting Events in SL: Blogs 
What I like in a press release
Examples of promotional posts


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