Friday, February 18, 2011

2013 PROMO: Facebook and twitter for promoting your project

Facebook for promoting your project

Want more visitors to your Second Life place? Try promoting it on Facebook.  
If you are not using Facebook to promote your event or place, you are probably missing a valuable opportunity.   Read the case made by New World Notes:
Combined with a blog, website or other content of adequate length
You can't put detailed information on these posts.  You want to use these posts as attention catchers to lead people to another location that can be  more easily found in the future and can carry the details--time, date, location, and so forth.
I post the detailed information on my virtual outworlding blog.  Then I post key information on Twitter and Facebook, ending with the url.  Facebook recognizes the url and formats it as a link to my blog.     
As an announcement of an event about to start in Second Life 
I use this method much as I use group chat messages inworld, posted near the time of the event   This fits best with Facebook, so that is where I use it. I post a brief announcement, followed by a slurl.   Facebook recognizes the slurl as a destination in Second Life and adds information telling about Second LIfe.  Sometimes Facebook also adds a promotional badge inviting the user to join Second life by clicking on the badge.       
In any case, someone not yet in Second Life can click on the slurl or the badge to and get an invitation to enter Second Life.  If they follow the instructions, they will arrive at the event destination in a few minutes.  Since they will arrive using Viewer 2.x. they will arrive with media and voice working (most of the time).  


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