Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2013 PROMO: What I like about posters--at least some posters

What I like about posters
at least some posters
Posters are useful for inworld promotion of a project, event, or place.  I make them to promote my projects.  I put out posters for other people on land I control.    Here are the specs I prefer for posters.
Posters, my ideal
  • One prim.
  • Gives notecard on touch.  
  • Phantom, so it does not act like a wall
  • Shows all the textures in it, cycling in the order they appear in the contents.
  • Shows textures on both sides -- so it looks good from either side.  
  • Full perms, so people can distribute it to others.* 
  • Includes a kill date if not obvious
*To be sure you are sending objects with the needed perms, embed objects in a note card (drag from inventory to notecard).  If the object is not full perm, you won't be able to embed it.  
To adjust the  perms: right click on the object in inventory, select properties,  check Allow anyone to copy/Next owner can Modify-- Copy -- Resell
Blogs as posters
With shared media, you can make posters from any page on the web.  If you run a blog, you can make pages that can also be used as posters.  The posters in the picture above are examples of posters in shared media from this blog.  The source blogs are here:

Advantages of blog posters:
  • If you know how to run a blog, you know how to make a poster.
  • You change the poster by changing the blog.  
  • The blog is also available on the web.
  • You can track the success of  specific posts.*  
  • Free poster scripts available.**
**At Cookie, in the Hobo Kit.  You set them to your chosen web page by entering the url into the script.  The will automatically start showing your web page in less than 30 minutes.

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