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2013 HELP: CAUTION. Deeding land to a group

CAUTION. Deeding land to a group
  • Parcel.  A virtual  lot or plot of ground. for land.
  • About land panel: Information and controls about land
  • Edit terrain:  Raise/lower land surface
  • Subdivide land: Cut a parcel into smaller parcels
  • Set to group:  Give members of a group powers on the parcel
  • Deed to group: Transfer ownership of the parcel to the group.
About land panel
To open it: right click on ground, select about land.  Or : 
World (top menu)  --Place profile -- about land
Set to group and Deed to group are settings you (the land owner) make in the first window of the About Land panel.
Set to group:  Lets members of the specified group do various things as specified in other windows of the About Land panel
Deed to group: Transfers ownership (and control) of the parcel to the group.  If you are not the sole owner of the group, you could lose the land.
Why deed?
You would deed a your parcel to a YOUR group if you want to give members of the group certain powers on the land that are otherwise only available to you. These powers include:
  • Edit terrain
  • Set media streams (Old media*.  Not needed for shared media.)
  • Eject and ban residents 
  • Pay group liabilities, receive group dividends
*You can also place a box on the land that will let anyone set the music or video stream without special authority.
If the group will incur liabilities, say from listings in classifieds or events, remember that these liabilities will be distributed over the owner and all members with a role that has the ability: "Pay group liabilities and receive group dividends."
How to deed 
  • Go into the parcel.
  • World ( top menu),  Place Profile,  About Land, General
  • Click Set to group.  Specify the group.  You should be the sole owner of the group.
  • Click Allow Deed to group.
  • DO NOT click Owner Makes Contribution with Deed unless this parcel is on the mainland.
Deeding the land transfers ownership of the land from you to the group.  If the land is on the mainland, you could be unable to recover ownership of the land from the group unless you are the sole owner of the group.
So be sure you control the group and maintain control.
How you recover the land.
Private sim: Go to the land.  World (Top Menu)  -- Place profile -- About Land -- General -- Reclaim land
Mainland:  Go to the land,  Activate group.  Take group owner role.
Follow the above steps to About Land -- General -- Sell land
Caution:  Set the land for sale, but in this order:
Sell to your avatar This Must be First
Sell for 0 lindens.
Close the About Land window. Right click on the ground and buy.
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