Saturday, February 19, 2011

2013 HELP: Eject/ban

From a parcel:
If you own the parcel, you have the authority.
To give the authority to other people, you will have to deed the land to a group.  
Caution:  If you deed land on the mainland to a group, be sure you are and remain the sole owner of the group.
You create roles in the group and assign the eject/ban authority to those roles.  Then the people you assign to these roles will be able to eject/ban.  They may need to activate membership in the group and take on the specific role to be able to eject/ban.  
If you see the offending  avatar:
Right click on the avatar, look for eject.  The ban option will be offered after you click eject.  If you do not see the ban option, change your activated group, preferably to the group that gives you the ban authority.  You may also need to change your group role to the role that gives you that authority.
If you have only the name of the avatar:
World (top line) -- Place Profile --  About land -- Access -- Banned Residents -- Add
The add button will give you a new window -- enter the name -- Click Close.  
From a private island or estate
If you own the private island or estate, you have the authority.  You can also appoint up to 10 estate managers who will also have the authority.  
A ban from the estate applies to the entire estate. 

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